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Space Viking
22.12.2015 northmen Design

Movie poster in Photoshop

Movie poster in Photoshop. Step by step tutorial

Images of three vikings by Stian Dahlslett

This is the final result of this lesson.

So without wasting words let’s get to it!


Step 1. To create a quick sketch on paper, in Ps, Ai, your imagination whatever.

Step 2. To find images for your artwork. Here i‘ve used forest, archers, clouds and so on. Google will help you.


Step 3. Let’s compose all three warriors in one canvas.


Step 4. Erase grey background from the Vikings..


Step 4.1. Add Black to transparent gradient to the bottom of the canvas


Step 5. Add some shadow and glowing behind and on the edges of foreground viking. Add archers in left bottom corner and grey clouds. Blending mode will help you to hide an imperfection.


Step 6. Add an inscription. And some more clouds with different blending modes.


Step 7. Add Color Lookup layer and also experiment with different modes and transparency and add some more black to transparent gradient to the bottom of canvas to hide all edges. And to the right corner I put the image of medival castle on fire.


Step 8. Add some rain drops. I found it in google just typed “Rain drops png”


Step 9. Add some flying particles to the bottom of composition and recolor  them into dark red color and add some particles to the up of composition. And make them black. Also add some fire sparkles behind the foreground Viking.


Step 10. Let’s get to our Headline. Add Bevel and Emboss to make these letters with sharp edges. And make them metal, just add gradient grey to white.


Step 10.1. Delete this blue glowing and make it more realistic


Step 11. I found the rust texture image and added above and played with blending mode.


Step 12. Add some fire images into letters and play with blending mode again.  And add again Color Lookup layer and Done!


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