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A few words about myself

My name is Alex. I’m a product designer with experience of more than 10 years.
I’ve finished a lot of projects for web, mobile and POS products.
I am crazy about graphic design, meeting new people, Sci-Fi and all
Scandinavian stuff, such as mythology, history and nature.

Since it’s my own website, I can write any bullshit about myself, that I’m a super skillful, talented and result-oriented dude, I work 80 hours a week and don’t give two shits about non-constructive criticism. But I won’t be writing those things. I prefer to keep it simple.

Awards & mentiones

Not only my imaginary Viking friends say I'm good at design

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Runes project

My passion and one true love

This project is my own vision of the old Scandinavian runes. A long time ago these symbols were just an alphabet and I do not believe in magic, so I put very little of magical meaning into my art. All magicians, mediums and spiritual folks who want to blame me for incorrect picturing of any runes can go and fuck themselves with their opinion.


Some of my stuff that I give for free

download runes, alex borisson art download, draugr, ui viking
Poster design
Draugr. The Cursed Treasure
berkana rune alex borisson download free
A1 poster design
Berkana Rune. B&W
sig rune download poster for free
A1 poster design
Sig Rune
More freebies to come

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